the collectionMy work, whether jewelry or typography, has always projected an Eastern sensibility. Likely, because my ethos ties strongly to the Japanese concept of “wabi-sabi”. which ascribes to simple realities: nothing is finished, nothing is perfect, and nothing lasts. Described by the preeminent Japanese architect Tadao Ando, wabi sabi ideology reveres the simple, authentic, natural, and as such, beautifully imperfect—aesthetically celebrating “cracks and other marks that time, weather, and loving use leave behind.”

Features like these drew me to my first “stones” on a trip to Santa Fe. They were rich and archetypal, no two alike. Veins ran through them, uneven and irregular. Each stone begged for attention, inviting me to hone in—to examine its depth of color, touch its surface, imagine its origin and attribute meaning to its unique form. These stones were “gems”, imperfect—and beautiful.

The Naked Stone celebrates natural over technological, human over machined, individual over mass-produced. It’s about the process of discovering the unexpected, contrasting proportion and materials, inviting the body to play along. These pieces have been described as serene, dramatic, organic, classic, tribal and quirky—all at the same time.

I hope you respond to the way the jewelry hangs, where it falls on your body, how it feels in your hand. Each one-of-a-kind piece is designed as a personal talisman, with meaning for the person who responds to it. I hope your response is instinctual, and that when you wear it, you feel your beautiful individuality, imperfect, or not.

“The jewelry in this collection is
serene, dramatic, classic, tribal
and quirky—all at the same time”

the designerProfessionally, Rigelhaupt has enjoyed
20+ years as an executive creative
director, designer, and artist, mostly in
NYC. With award-winning work featured
in a variety of design media and exhibits,
she continues to consult on branding,
design thinking, visual identity, and
consumer trends with commercial ven-
tures and non-profits. Her early “Linea”
jewelry collection was represented in
boutiques, galleries, and a runway show.

Instinctively, she is curious, provocative,
direct, thoughtful, and fun.

Personally, she loves exploring new
places, cultures, art forms, and just being
with her daughter, Ava Xiao-Lin.

g.g. rigelhaupt